From the spring to your table!

Patrona Mia is dedicated to deliver the best mineral spring water in Mexico to its consumers. We started in Tehuacán, an area best known for its millenary and bountiful mineral springs, shown to benefit those who consume their waters.

Tehuacán Patrona Mia, naturally enriched, a mineral balanced spring water with refreshing bubbles for every moment of every day. From the spring to your table!

Patrona Mia joins efforts with charity organizations to generate transformational impact in the lives of our Patronas, women who are the pillars of Mexico.

Patrona Pa-tro-na

Protects, provides, and leads the way. She is steadfast and without question, she makes it happen.

Patrona Mía is a homage to the women that have forged their children and family, educating, and inspiring them with passion and love. Tehuacán Patrona Mía benefits your health by providing you the best sparkling spring water of México.

TEHUACÁN Patrona Mía

Sparkling natural mineral water.

  • 20.3 FL OZ/ 600 ml
  • 12 Bottle Pack
  • PET
  • 11.85 FL OZ/ 600 ml
  • 24 Bottle Pack
  • PET
  • 12 FL OZ/ 600 ml
  • 24 Bottle Pack
  • Can
Natural enriched minerals

Social impact

Tehuacán Patrona Mía’s goal is to generate big transformational impact within our communities. That’s why we will be donating a percentage of every bottle sold, on behalf of our customers, to charitable organizations focused on improving the quality of life of our current and future Patronas.